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About Us

New Challenges

In today's complex and fast-changing world, knowledge-intensive organizations are forced to become flexible and to respond quickly to changes in their business environments.

out that most of the time, knowledge workers are engaged in several different projects at the same time. That is why individual projects should not be treated as if they were separate from other projects but rather as integrated parts of the entire organization, deeply affecting other resources, projects and overall profitability.

How we got into this

Plannergy was really born out of frustrations we faced when trying to manage our own teams and projects. We tried top 12 different tools, but none really fit. Naturally, being solution providers with more than 10 years of experience in building enterprise software solutions for corporate clients across Europe, we started working on something that would offer the speed and versatility of spreadsheet editors but would still allow cross-project planning and work visualization.

In 2009, we assembled a team of outstanding coders, designers, and UX experts from different parts of Europe and set sail into uncharted waters.

Four years of research and development

To achieve our goal, we needed to rehash different concepts and techniques used in traditional project management solutions. After three years of R&D efforts, we came up with a completely new approach to planning and scheduling large numbers of tasks in a multi-project environment. The tool is called Plannergy, and it is reinventing project management software.

We are currently in the private beta, and we need your feedback.

Plannergy team